About us

This is about us

Welcome to Vulears Academy. It will help you to learn any topic in a new ways

VULEARS is a learning club online but not limited to that, VULEARS helps you to be in touch with different talent acquisition teams for several employers. good thing that no fees for being promoted to any of the vacancies.

the idea starts in the beginning of year 2020 in the up normal conditions we are all passing through, many of us has left the jobs and looking for a new challenges but due to lockdown we found the easiest way to have that is to build a club for learning connected to talent acquisition teams they can select based on your profile and how many courses you have learned. courses are 2 types the first is general known course (ex: English, CCNA, etc,.) and customized topic course which helps the employers to find the most suitable staff for hiring.

in addition to that a list of free courses will be added for self skills and time management with free assessment and certificates.

VULEARS now is working on building a new modern way for self development and skills enhancement with live workshops and seminars to help all of us to be confident when we start our new challenges with new employers.

another good thing at VULEARS when you register and start studying with us, you can request a workshop and we here to help and support you getting in touch with people around the world studying the same topic, this will help you to share knowledge and gain more experience in easy quick way.

Thanks for being a part of VULEARS family.